Traditional Semenov 5 Piece Set 'Rossiyanochka' - (MV-M-5-1) - 11cm (Approx. 4")

This is the genuine, traditional 'Semenov' Russian doll brought to you directly from the original Semenov factory in the heart of Russia. To many people, this is THE Russian doll; known from childhood and loved around the world. With wide open eyes, a beautiful smile and bright colours this Semenov beauty looks straight into the soul. She has travelled into space and around the world and is probably the one single Russian souvenir that truly conveys the depth, beauty and generosity of the Russian soul.

These Matryoshka models are named "Rossiyanochka" (Girl of Russia). They were originally designed and registered in 1963 at the Semenov factory, with the designs being re-approved in 1970, 1980 and 1990. Often copied, the Semenov Dolls that you find on our website are all original and have arrived to us directly from Semenov factory. You can buy with confidence knowing that these classical Matryoshkas are the exact authentic dolls that were created and presented to the world by the Semenov factory over 45 years ago.

The factory making these dolls has a strong ethical policy and uses only organic paints during manufacture. Similarly, the varnish used in the factory to create a glossy finish is specially made so as not to contain any harmful chemical elements. These classic dolls can be found in different section of our site; all made in the original Semenov factory using the best traditions of Russian craftsmanship.

An absolute classic and a must for any Matryoshka doll collection.

Please note that there may be some bright spots on the pictures of some Russian dolls on our website, resulting from photo camera flash and lights. The actual Russian dolls that you will receive will not have any of those spots.