Chic 7 Piece Set - Black Dress with Bright Flowers - (AA-M-7-6) - Approx 14cm

A very chic and classy looking 7 piece set using a backdrop of gloss black as a classical canvas to bring out the rich and vibrant colours of the flowers on the front and the features are beauty of the dolls face. A really nice piece of hand made art that will sit proudly in any display cabinet or alongside other dolls in a collection.

This is a beautiful set of authentic Matryoshka Russian dolls, created deep in the heart of Russia from natural wood.

As all our Russian dolls are hand painted by artists there may be variations and differences between those pictured on our website and the ones you will receive. Every doll is unique as artists tend to add something different to each and every doll set they paint. Thatís why Russian dolls are somehow a reflection of a mood of the artist painting it in that particular moment. Russian dolls, as in life itself, may have their own features, characters, colours and moods and can be truly unique to you.

All our Russian dolls are hollow inside (apart from the last, smallest doll of each set), they all open in half and fit inside each other.

Please note that there may be some bright spots on the pictures of Russian doll on our website, resulting from photo camera flash and lights. The actual Russian dolls that you will receive will not have any of those spots.